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Asal Dean

A little bit of information about me and the work I create for people. I am an Oncology Pharmacist “during the day,” and I work with patients who are fighting for life. These patients taught and continue to teach me that one of the most important aspects of life is the relationships and interactions we humans have with other people in this world.  The kindness and gratitude I witness patients sharing on a daily basis inspires me to be better person. These cancer patients were and continue to be my biggest teachers in life, and I want to pay it forward.

I am the possibility of kindness, leadership, positivity and inspiration, and my true passion in life is to teach and inspire other people to share their gratitude and kindness with others.  I created a Growing Gratitude Movement, which consists of people sharing their gratitude and kindness to other people through the use of Gratitudegrams and a workshop called Attitude of Gratitude.

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