Description :

Asal, creator of the Gratitudegrams, is a trained Oncology Pharmacist, and her journey of being in a state of Gratitude started when she was working with patients who were fighting for life against cancer. These patients taught and continue to teach her that one of the most important aspects of life is the relationships and interactions we humans have with other people in this world.  She observed patients giving a “thank you” to their doctors, nurses, pharmacists, family members and friends, and such brief moments with the exchange of these words were tremendously impactful.  She saw the power of a “thank you.” The kindness and gratitude she witnessed patients sharing on a daily basis inspired her to be better person, thus she committed to pay this important message forward through the creation of Gratitudegrams.

Gratitudegrams was created under the fundamental values of human connection, kindness, positivity and inspiration. The intention of these Gratitudegrams is to inspire other people to share their gratitude and kindness with others. We want to spread gratitude as much as possible and we welcome you to join us on expanding the Growing Gratitude Movement through sharing Gratitudegrams with those around you!