These are pocket-sized tokens of appreciation to be shared with the people around you. Give in pairs so people can pay them forward.

The short answer is, “Yes!” Our company creates more exclusive gift packages or corporate boxes. Please email contact@thegratitudegrams.com for custom package inquiries and options.

These Gratitudegrams can be shared with anyone! For all the moms, dads, friends, teachers, healthcare providers, waiters, coffee shop barista, your neighbor and the list goes on!

Anytime! When someone is kind to you, or you want to practice kindness, share your Gratitude by giving that person a Gratitudegram.  We promise, you’ll make someone’s day with such a simple act.

As much as you’d like. When it feels “right” go for it! Don’t wait too long for the opportunity. They say… the more you give, the more you will receive.