The Journey towards gratitude starts with disappointment

December 31, 2020

The Journey towards gratitude starts with disappointment

We've all heard of Gratitude and how it has a positive influence on our lives. It's easy to be grateful when we're on a dreamy vacation, and everything is going our way. But what about when we feel stuck?  When life doesn't go our way or our way turns out to be much harder or not what we wanted at all? In fact, it is Gratitude that will get us unstuck and out of the rut. 

But what if I work a nine to five job that doesn't fulfill me and that I can't leave because I'm still paying off my student loan or my mortgage and I need to survive, you ask? What I like to do when I feel stuck at my place of work is focus on the acts of service I'm able to provide, how I'm contributing to the greater good of society. I know this sounds a little preachy and is easier said than done, but bear with me. Let's say you're a barista. You're making people's days by giving them the much-needed coffee in the morning, the thing that gets them going. Many people have their first moment of Gratitude when having their first sip of coffee. It also helps you pay your bills and afford that comfy pillow that helps you sleep at night. Think about that the next time you feel stuck when having to go to work, be grateful for it. Again, I know that this is NOT easy.  Sometimes it sucks to be the bigger person that looks for the good in every situation, but do it anyway. 

Shift your perception to a grateful point of view and see how it changes your day.  

I would love to leave you with one simple task for this week. Take a blank sheet of paper and ask yourself, what is ONE aspect of my life that I can be grateful for? If you feel yourself getting stuck, start simple. Feel your breath, feel your heart beating in your chest, and be grateful for the gift of life.

Until next time. With Gratitude,